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So far the Clomicalm is much easier to get into Skylar than the Prozac... they are flavored tablets. She won't just eat them (that would be way too easy!) but if I put one on the counter or table with a few pieces of kibble (getting her really excited about the snack first) she gobbles it up with the food. Easy as pie. So far.

I was going to wait a couple of weeks until the medication "kicked in" and then start to try to reintroduce them, but I thought that maybe going ahead and getting them used to seeing each other again while the medication slowly worked to calm her might make for a smoother transition? I dunno, it seems to make sense in my head.

I fed all the cats together yesterday and today. The kittens are generally downstairs anyway, and the big girls run down to join them when its time to eat. Skylar sees Tristan. Knows he's there. He eats at the bottom of the cat tree and she eats at the top. So she jumps up and over him to get to her food. All of this she's ok with. Yesterday I removed him as soon as he was done eating. Today I waited until she was done to see how she reacted to just the sight of him. Had a spray bottle in hand to sort of jolt her out of her rage if things got bad.

Yeah... didn't work AT ALL. He was at my feet several feet away. She finished eating and immediately locked on. Gave her a squirt or two to see if she'd break out of her focus for even just a second. Not so. She chased while I was spraying her. It wasn't violent, more of a slow trot across the room. He ran behind a couch, but came out seconds later (he's gotten much better about not hiding for more than a few seconds as long as she doesn't go all out psycho on him, so I think he has gained at least a little confidence).

She locked in again, completely ignoring the fact that she had several direct sprays of water all over her and went at him again. Again, while she was being sprayed. Didn't phase her at all.

But in general I don't think it was a wasted day. While he was chased twice, she never made contact. After the second episode he still walked out into the middle of the room toward me just a few seconds later. I carried him out of the room and left her to calm down (and hopefully realize that she would be cold and wet for a good while because she wouldn't leave him alone).

From now on, she will be wearing a harness. She can stare and hate him all she wants, but she WILL NOT CHASE. In addition to the meals being fed in the same room, I will also keep her on a harness while I give them both treats.

They will still be kept apart at all other times for now.

Anything else I should try?
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