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We are still having a problem with one of our kittens who is still urinating occasionally outside of the litter box and we have run out of ideas to correct the problem.
We have litter mate kittens is 5m old., male and female, both nuetered and always inside.
The male will still occasionally urinate outside the box, against the wall on the carpet (next to litter box).
They share a litter box that is cleaned each and every day.
Its clumping clay that forms around urine and the litter is never wet.
We tried different litters and he seems to be attracted to this one we think becuase its finer grain (the problem was worse when he was younger)
He does use the box most of the time.
They have had recent vet checkups and 100% fine.
The urine spots are cleaned and deorderized with "Natures Best" to remove attracting smell.
We think it is a large amount of urine and not just a spot, like he is marking...although there is spotting too we notice.
We have in the past put a 2nd litter box over the spots he was using and he would still spot next to the box on the carpet.
He seems to only use this one area of the house,near the litter box.

Any suggestions on what else we can try?

Thank you for any help
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