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STILL Overgrooming

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I thought Sinatra had stopped over grooming his back leg but it turns out he just got smart and started doing it when we aren't around. I looked at his leg today and there is a GIANT bald spot on his back leg. Like one whole side of his leg. *Sigh* What a week to lose my job, what should I do?
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I apologize if I've mentioned this before and you've already tried it, but have you sprayed Bitter Apple on the area? I know that's one of the uses, to deter overgrooming.
What was it, we used to put natural cream on my cat (one of the two now living with my parents) that had this VERY bitter taste to it. I forgot what it was, but it stopped her from overgrooming her tail
Will the bitter apple sting if he has opened any skin??

Feliway doesn't work on these monsters.
He seems to be in a good mood today since I have been home with him all day since I got fired. Maybe I should just stay unemployed forever, problem solved.
A lot of cat overgroom out of depression, maybe he's depressed because you don't spend time with him. Well, because of circumstances you can now... but that's no cure lol.
I spend a lot of time with him. I just can't spend time with him 24/7 when I'm employed.
Well of course! I just tell my cat when I leave for work I have to go make money so I can spoil her.

Who knows why he's overgrooming, I certainly don't I'm just throwing out ideas. :p
Will the bitter apple sting if he has opened any skin??

Feliway doesn't work on these monsters.
Bitter apple is alcohol based, so it would sting. however petsmart carries another product called bitter yuck, it is made for use on wounds and plants. It's not alcohol based sneak shouldn't sting.

Muffin always over grooms his back legs just a bit, he has teeny bald patched on his elbows (?). I keep and eye on them but he doesn't seem to do it enough to do anything but slightly dry out the skin. I rub in Vaseline once in a while to moisturize it, but leave it alone otherwise. If it was worse I'd try the bitter yuck.
Overgrooming is in most cases cause of stress and selfgrooming is realxing to the cat but it can get obsessive easily when the cat is stressed. Try to keep his day as routine as possible. Make sure that you feed him, play and sleep every day at the same time. Cats like routine.
did he had any changes in his environment recently? new animals, people?
when it continues, I would take him to the vet to check his skin if everything is all right..maybe he has some allergy or so...
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