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I posted on another thread about Little Bee's loose stool (I thought it might be related to a certain wet food flavor with lots of liver). It's better, but not quite resolved. I haven't fed her anything with liver as a first ingredient, and actually have her back on Wellness canned now, plus some Blue Wilderness dry. They're still sticky-looking (glossy? gross, I know...sorry)...and sometimes one end is formed, but soft. But they haven't been loose, exactly, since I've been avoiding high-liver foods. I've been thinking of taking away the dry altogether for awhile to see if it's contributing, and/or trying a limited ingredient wet food.

But then I was thinking back on her poo history (I'll be really glad when I can devote less thought to cat feces, let me tell you). When she first got here, about a month ago, she was on a junk diet, but her poos were fine, if smelly and too much (3 a day...phew)....and oh, did she have gas.

Then, on her second day with us, I have her some Frontline. I thought I had put it well up above her shoulder blades...but she had hunched up so much while I was putting it on that, when she stretched out, I saw that it was just barely above them. She licked every bit of it off and had two days of mild diarrhea and a bout of vomiting. I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner...I guess because we were starting her switch to grain-free at the time, and I was obsessing about food...but I wonder if her stomach is still upset by that Frontline, or if it put her intestinal bacteria out of whack? The vet didn't seem too concerned about it, since her reaction wasn't too severe. To top it all...she's since been wormed (Profender, which she also managed to lick once or twice) and re-treated for fleas (Advantage Multi, which I put practically on top of her head...take that, you little contortionist!!). So, it's been a chemically unfriendly month for her, on top of a pretty big food switch. Poor girl.

I've ordered some Fortiflora, and hope maybe that might restore some order in there.

Have any of you ever had a cat lick its flea med and suffer more than a day or two of intestinal trouble?
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