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"stop that" method

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when yeti is not getting enough attention he starts doing "bad" things(up on the fireplace mantle, stealing things off of tables) my folks say his father is the same way..they discovered that kiwi(yeti's assumed father) was afraid of loud buzzing insects and they make a buzzing noise when he's doing wrong, We tried this last night with yeti, he got down from where he was flattened out(got low) and slinked away with a low grumble(this noise bothered the crap out of him, we promised to use the power for only good)
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I just tried the buzz with affect. He just looked at me like I was nutz (you know, his usual look) LOL

When Newt is being really really naughty (jumping on the counter while I'm cooking) he knows it and will hunker down and give me a warning yowl/growly thing. If 'Off!' doesn't work right off, I will hiss at him, getting close with my face, mouth open (think vampire hiss) and he get down pronto and hides for a few minutes...then comes back and is all sweetness and good as gold for hours.
Hissing is the only thing that works for Shepherd Book as well. I credit MowMow with him understanding that means "Knock it off or ima knock YOU off"

MowMOw just needs a very gentle "MowMow (wait for eye contact), No(stare until he looks away)" and he'll rarely repeat the behavior again.

I find it interesting that the same noise that bugs(pun intended) his dad bugs Yeti and in using that only for good you are kind and benevolent leader. :wink
we tried different tones-frequencies-hums-volumes kind of going through the scales of annoying untill we found the unsweet spot for yeti..only using it when needed, we don't want wear it out!!!!!
I may have to start finding a verbal deterrent for my cats (and training them with it), as I don't always have the squirt bottle handy.
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