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Hi Guys,
I have a very timid little girl called Khaleesi, she was an indoor cat up until a year ago when we moved into a house with a lovely garden for her to explore safely.
We always keep her in at night by locking the cat flap, unfortunately last night my husband forgot. At 3 this morning we were woken to a cat fight IN the house. We had an intruder and they were fighting our girl. We chased the other cat out and locked the cat flap. Since then Khaleesi is terrified, she is hiding away and doesn't want to come downstairs. If you startle her she attacks. She's not eaten or drank since this happened, which is very unusual for her.

Advise please on how to let her know everything is ok

Many thanks in advance 馃槝


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Wow, how terrifying for Khaleesi! :(

She'll come around, she just needs to reassure herself that the wild beast is no longer in the house. I would put food and water where she's hiding, maybe just sit in the room with her. Talk softly to her. Maybe see if she'll play with her favorite toy.

With a neighborhood cat so aggressive they'll come into your house, I think I'd lock the cat flap and keep Khaleesi in the house for a while. It was probably a fluke thing, maybe she chased your cat into the house, either way, pretty scary.

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Poor Khaleesi,
That must have been terrifying. And I have thought of that happening during the day when I am at work. If it continues another day, maybe get some Feliway diffuser or spray. It may help to calm her.
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