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Ah, the joys of the litterbox. :(

I recently took in a little 7-9 month old feral kitten. (Tyson.)

Tyson's tail was badly injured long before we found him (it's all healed) and what's left of it is broken in several places. He is going back to the vet this Friday, because although he's long since mastered the art of #1 in the litterbox, he doesn't seem to have much control over where or when he does.. y'know.. the rest. The vet and I are worried that he may be partially incontinent as a result of nerve damage.

I haven't been able to find much information on this sort of condition in cats or what sort of prospects (if any) for recovery there are. Either way, I am determined to keep him and find some way around any difficulties that he may have.. but I'm wondering if anyone's ever had any experience dealing with a cat like this, or any idea whether or not it would be possible to restore any of the lost function, if nerve damage is (as it strongly appears to be) indeed the culprit. I know I'll find out on Friday, but, alas, I'm impatient! :wink:

Tyson: (ignore the tacky box, lol.)
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