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I had been seeing a cat occasionally cross my backyard, it looks very healthy and well fed so I assume he/she has a home and is an outdoor cat. I called to it a couple of times but it would run away, so not comfortable with people, or strangers at least. At one point it would sit on edge of my yard and meow, I left food out and gradually the cat became comfortable with me - and now sits by my back door meowing for me, is extremely affectionate when I go outside. I posted it on my town's FB page in case someone was missing it but no one responded that it was theirs. I'm torn now as this cat looks very well taken care of, though has a voracious appetite, whether I should take it to see if it has a chip, or leave it alone. It's possible that the owner is not on FB. My cat has caught sight of me with this cat and is going nuts, she literally attacked me last night after I fed the cat. I don't want to upset my cat, and of course by feeding this other cat I've created the issue. How would you / did you deal with this?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts