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My mother currently has umm....5 cats, plus umm....3 strays she feeds. I'm up to 3 cats and currently feeding one stray and one squirrel. :p

It all started back in the 1980s...big hair, leg warmers, and the first cat I ever had. She was no more than 6 weeks old when a neighbor found her in the woods. She was curled up in a small hole. She was sick and hungry and had lost her little voice due to her constant meowing. We took her in and named her Mittens. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures from this time in her life, but here's a pic of her when she was a few months old.

Mittens (my mother named her because of her white paws...clever, no?), or Mitty as we liked to call her, loved her new family...minus the father, whom she liked to torment my going to the bathroom in his shoe or in the tub (in the early morning)...then covering it with a facecloth. She grew up to be a friendly, lovable, affectionate little cat as seen below.

Whoops! I think I have a picture of her in a more pleasant mood.

See! Doesn't she look happy?!
Yeah, you're right she doesn't. And here's why.

When Mittens was three years old a friend of mine had a cat who gave birth to five adorable little kittens. My grandparents had recently lost a cat named Gabby and were wanting to get a new one so we took a kitten for my grandparents. Unfortunately they realized that they weren't yet over the grieving period and wouldn't take the kitten. So we took him instead. And we named him TC (short for Tiger mother picked out the name, she was never very creative. :? )

Here's a picture of TC the day we took him home.

Isn't he just ADORABLE?!?
As cute as he was, he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. But we loved him just the same. Mittens, on the other hand, wasn't overly fond of him and although they never really fought (well, he never fought back), she learned to tolerate him. Although she would often run up to him, whack him in the head a dozen times and run off. I don't think it helped his neurological problems any (and yes, the vet diagnosed him with neurological problems). But he was a sweetheart. A lovable, cuddly, affectionate cat.

Sadly, TC passed away in 1999, Mittens passed away in 2002. :cry:

So my parents divorced, and my mother met a fellow cat lover who had beautiful calico cat he named Puddin. Unfortunately I don't have any scanned pictures of her, but she's big and beautiful and drools when you tickle her chin.

In addition to the cat he owns, he fed various stray cats that would swing by as if someone had a big neon sign out front that read "Attention Cats! Free Food This Way --->"

Two of the strays they fed were females. One is named Oreo (because she's black and white) and the other is named Round Eyes because...umm...she's got big round eyes. I told you my mother isn't creative with cat names! The other stray males were named Orange Man (guess why), Blackie (guess this one too), Fluffy (betcha can't guess why!) and Short Tail (you'll never guess why).

Here's a pic of Round Eyes (she was recently taken in as my mother's 5th picture of Oreo though.

Oreo was the first to have kittens. Unfortunately she has been very ill for some time and her first litter only 2 survived, though both kittens also had the respiratory infection and one later died. :cry: We were able to catch the other kitten who my mother adopted and named Bo (short for Baby Oreo). Six months later Round Eyes had her first litter. We were fortunate enough to be able to catch all 4 kittens....but it wasn't easy!!!

The two orange ones (one male and one female) were pretty friendly and we were able to find them good homes. The other two, however, were VERY skittish so no one wanted them...but by this time my mother had grown so attached to them that she adopted them as well. She tried naming them her typical names but I intervened and named them myself Evie (the black one) and Bella (the fluffy one).

Below is a pic of Bo and Bella, who get along. Bella and Evie also get along, but Bo and Evie do not because Evie is a grade-A brat. :wink:

About this same time my boyfriend and I came across our own cat. She was barely six weeks old when we found her sitting in a puddle of rain water on the side of the road. She walked right up to us. She was wet, cold, and hungry....and her little belly was all bloated! The following day we tried to find her owners but no one claimed her. So we adopted her and named her Kouji (named after a Digimon character).

Kouji too is a grade-A brat....but that's one of the many things I love about her. She's also affectionate, cuddly and fears nothing. She loves to be held, especially on her back so she can have her belly rubbed. She's a tough little monster too, at just 12 weeks old she was kicking the snot out of my sister's 3 year old cat. She loves water and can often be found laying in the kitchen sink, bathroom tub, or playing in her water fountain as seen below.

Round Eyes recently had her 3rd litter of kittens (the 2nd litter was discovered and caught by a neighbor who found homes for them).

Now the plan was to take one, my sister's friend wanted two, and the other we hoped my grandparents would take. At first they were all for it, but again they back out. My boyfriend, being the big softy that he is, felt bad for the last kitten and since the kitten we had chosen was very close to the one being left behind....he couldn't bear to separate them.

Here's Kenji.

And Koda.

When the kittens came home with us Kouji was less than thrilled. We kept the kittens in the bathroom for the first 5 days and let them out one at a time (so we wouldn't send Kouji into shock). She hissed and growled at first. She swatted at them a few times (if they ran too close to her). She poked at them with her paw. But mostly just watched them. We later let them both out and she again just watched them...growled here and there, maybe hissed once or twice. But no vicious attacks, no blood, and no tuffs of fur we're taking that as a good sign!

Here's the little buggers sleeping in my room.

If I get any more cats....I'll update my story. :p

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Djinn, I love your writing style (and your screen name)! Very cute pics and a great story. :) Sabby has the same water fountain as Kouji, although Kouji seems to like hers more than Sabby likes his.

Are there spay operations in store for these fine felines?

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Awww, they're all so cute and I loved their story behind it. I'm sure there are more kitties for you in the future >><<

P.s-TC's belly pooch is kinda big, I think my cat Sugar's is starting to hang alot too!

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The kittens will be 11 weeks old tomorrow.

Exactly one week after taking them in my resident cat had a change of heart and suddenly started playing with them...although she continued to growl at them occasionally when they went near her food, water or litterbox. But now they eat together, drink together, sleep together, and play together....though Kouji doesn't like it when they watch her go potty!

Here's some recent pictures of them.

This is Kouji in her 2nd favorite spot in the house...her favorite being the tub.

Here's all three of them sleeping.

Kouji and Koda playing.

Kenji and Koda playing.

And lastly, Kouji and Kenji relaxing while Koda gets ready to start trouble.
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