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Struvite Crystals

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My cat, Irma, was diagnosed with Struvite crystals, so I immediately started the process of switching her to a raw meat diet. It's been a kinda slow process....she is 14 years old & only eaten dry food her whole life.

I started with wet food & then gradually included raw chicken....but that is ALL she will eat. no matter what kind of good smelling "juice" (tuna, wet food etc) I add, she refuses to eat beef, chicken gizzards & hearts, or anything but the chicken breasts with wet catfood on them....even if I cut everything up into little bite size pieces for her.

Got any good sneaky tips to get her to be a little more adventurous? All the rest of the cats are quite enjoying everything I put before them (no "juice" needed)...she's my only holdout (& she is the one who needs it the most!) :p

I will add, that what she IS eating seems to be helping. She is't peeing outside the box anymore. YAY!
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Oh...she turned her little nose up at chicken livers too.
My cat also just got over struvite crystals and I switched her to raw as well. Glad to hear that your cat is doing better

I am by no means an expert on raw feeding (but there are many on here!).. but the commercial raw I've been feeding contains a mixture of raw chicken, liver, heart and bone all at once. Have you been feeding just the meat? Maybe there would be a bit more variety in flavor by giving organ meat in the meals as well. Anyway, it doesn't sound like she has a problem with chicken. A good transition might be to give her chicken thighs as they are slightly closer to the gamier meats.

You could try rabbit, I have heard that most cats really like it. Ours really likes venison too.

I'm sure someone more knowlegeable will jump in soon!
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