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I think this is my first post but have been a member for awhile always looking for help with my kitties. I first came on here with my older kitty who since has gone over the rainbow. Since then I adopted a kitten who now is 4 years old. Seems I am prone to kitties with some kind of health issue.
I have searched the forum and saw a lot of topics about Urinary issues but I have a question for all those with more experience or knowledge regarding it.
My little one had a stress related UTI 2 years ago when we had relatives staying with my husband and I for 2 weeks. She was given antibiotics and it cleared up. I now have had my sister living with us and I think that has stressed out Gemma again. I noticed the signs but one day she stopped peeing. Took her to the vet’s she need to get unblocked when a X-ray showed a stone in her bladder. Since her surgery she got an infection and went back on antibiotics. She is on the mend now expect my Vet insists she needs to be on Hills urinary c/d food. I currently feed her Tiki Cat always grain free wet and dry. My question is has anyone had luck treating cats without the prescription garbage food?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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