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Such a baby....

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All day today Peanut has been completely happy with eating from her dish. She actually seemed to prefer it, since I tried the bottle this morning and she drank a little, but just didn't seemed to want to take the time to drink it, so I dumped it into her dish and added a little of the dry and she gobbled it right now. Then her next 3 feedings she ate canned and her milk from her dish. Well then this evening at "bedtime" she climbed onto my lap and kept nosing around like she was on her mom looking for a nipple. So I went and made a bottle and held her and put the bottle nipple by her and sure enough she chewed at it and then began to suck on it. (Before she's always just pretty much chewed it to get the KMR out of it) She then laid down and acted like she was looking for it, so I put it by her mouth and she suckled away and feel right to sleep!! It was so sweet!!! :luv Guess she's not ready to be a "big girl" yet and give up the bottle completely. That's okay with me!! She's only about 4 wks old. Honestly this morning it was bittersweet when she ate so well out of her dish. I was happy she was doing well and eating on her own, but a little sad to give up the bottle feedings already.
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Awww. How sweet is that?! :grin: I'm glad to hear all is going well. This bring back memories. Cherish these times; your little one will soon be a juvenile deliquent. ;)
I know, I know!! ;) Mack is already getting there!! Sweet one minute, a crazy kitten full of energy the next!! :jump
Oh I love kittens. Years ago I was raising them myself. I had one momma cat take over my bed for her nursery. They were so adorable. Especially when they first learn how to walk and start stumbling around like drunk furballs.

Only sad thing for me about our cats is we adopted them when they were 7 months old. They are adorable adult cats. I'm sure as kittens they were irresistable. I wish I could talk to their original owner. She'd kept the little of 5 kittens until they were 5 months old and she ran into financial difficulties. She did such a wonderful job raising them. They each had little collars with bells and names on them and were all so friendly with humans. They are the only cats I know who retract their claws when touching humans, even if afraid or annoyed. And my one kitty Bella is so trusting and friendly she outright demands bellyrubs from strangers.
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