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So I finally fully transitioned my crew about 3-4 weeks ago after a long slow introduction, and they've all been doing great. Then this week Wee Lisbeth has started getting REALLY picky and is only nibbling (with masses of encouragement) her food. Her caloric intake is probably sitting at around 1/2-2/3 of what she should be eating over the last few days and I'm getting worried.
Historically she has ranged from total anorexia as a tiny kitten (she had a horrendous start to life) to being slightly picky as she's grown up - the terrible GI problems she had as a baby have settled down to occasional flare ups which I can't attribute a cause to. She did have an upset tummy last week (soft, very mucous covered stool) but has been ok since. Pooing and peeing ok.
I started the journey to RAW mainly due to L's GI problems and Coco's weight issues. To begin with we went grain free, feeding Orijen which they all liked. Now, I have been still giving them 1 Tbsp ea of of Orijen at bed time as a 'backup' through the transition and I'm wondering if she is refusing her Raw in preference to the dry. I haven't upped her dry intake - it's still at 1 Tbsp.
So..... what to do? Cut the dry completely and remove it from the house so that it isn't there to entice her? Give it a few more days after that to see what happens, then off to the vet if she doesn't improve?
I am also going to mix a bit more Beef into her dinner tonight to see if she's decided she doesn't like the additives (with which she's been ok with; cautiously, til now) because yesterday when I was mincing their food and she swiped plain beef chunks off the bench. Actually, maybe I should just offer her some plain beef and if she eats it then very slowly reintroduce the mix with the supplements to the plain beef in tiny increments.

GAH!!!!! I just don't know!
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