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Tuesday i was out of town until like 6 pm that night, and when i come home Sugar pie was acting different. Whats even more weird was my back door was open, the screen door was shut tho. I went out the door that day before i left a couple times but i cannot remember if i shut it or not. Now im wondering if I did shut it and someone helped themselves in?? I don't know but Sugar pie has been acting "different" every since that night.

Just a few minutes ago, I found him napping in the back closet, something i've never seen him do since we've had him. I know his normal routine and something is thrown out of wack. His hair is 'ruffled' and 'broken' looking and his stomach feels a bit poofed out. We recently had his first hairball movement.. if you will, and i'm worried but hoping it could be that.

His litterbox pattern seems normal. His #1's look normal but his #2's at first are normal looking but maybe hard textured and after he does that he will have a little bit of diarreah right after.

Last Thursday, which would have been a week ago, I changed his soft food from the cheap walmart brand to friskies soft packs. But.. i bought the variety pack and ive been switching them up. Do you think this could be why he is not feeling so well? He also always has some hard food, prescription hill's c/d which he has been on for a few months.

I just wish he felt better and wasn't so nervous. Maybe anyone that has any ideas/comments/suggestions would be great! Thanks..

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