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Swheat scoopable...............

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Hi again all,

I have been using tidy cat products, placing the crystals at the bottom of the litter box, then the litter overtop of the crystals. It seems to be working well for us, and my two guys. However, I have been destroying some of my ignorance (with the help of you all) and discovered the Swheat. Upon checking further at the store, a 40 lb bag is $22!

I am all for helping the environment, but I could by 200 lbs of tidy cat for that same amount of money. Is it all it is really talked up to be? How / where are you folks that use it getting it? I just don't think the price is tolerable at all.

Thanks for any input.

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Clay litter create environmental problems both when is it strip-mined and then again when it is thrown away, since clay does not break down easily. The clumping agent in most (all?) clay litters is extremely harsh and is toxic if ingested in large quantities.

Alternative litters made of corn, wheat, paper or wood shavings are non-toxic and bio-degradeable. Many are flushable as well.
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