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Switching to Sensible Choice Food

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I have two cats a 7 month old kitty and a 1-2 year old adult cat. They both came to us from shelters where they had been on Purina Cat/or Kitten Chow. Our dogs have always eaten Nutro so I went and bought some Nutro Natural Care. I tried mixing it in slow they wouldn't eat it!

While I was gone out of state my husband bought some Purina ONE since they wouldn't eat the Nutro. They liked it, but I don't. The ingredients are not good.

I had a free bag of Authority food that PetSmart gave me when I adopted them. One of them will eat that the other one won't. I decided I really wanted to try a higher quality food. I went to a pet store today and they were kind enough to let me exchange the barely touched bag of Nutro Max for another brand.

I decided to try Sensible Choice. Does anyone have thoughts on this? It has no corn, wheat, soybeans, or byproducts. I am anxious to see how the cats like it.

Also, I called two vets asking for food recommendations: one suggested Purina ONE for Urinary Tract Health, and the other recommended Iams Kitten.
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