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I have posted a few times about Kota having a bladder stone and how she is on a diet (canned s/d) that has reduced the stone to almost nothing...Anyway, just today she has been extra moody, yowling and hissing at Stix and trying to bite when we pick her up. She sat down and licked herself "down there" a few times, just for about five seconds or less.

I am wondering if maybe her stone has become small enough where she is about to pass it. The thing that confuses me is that when the stone was marble-sized, she never ever acted like this....why would she be doing this now if it is so small? Anyone with a similar experience? The vet will see her again next month but just thought I'd ask you guys too.

Either that or it is kitty PMS... :D She is getting spayed next month. Stix (neutered) still tried to be around her when she was growling at him. I tried to play with her just now and she played for a bit and let me pick her up. She has nothing visibly wrong with her and I pressed her paws, tummy, etc. to check for a reaction but got nothing. She is purring now. Maybe it's that famous Siamese 'tude. 8)

She is my first female cat and I dont know if cats in heat do this.
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