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Do you feed your cat left overs or table scraps?

  • Yes, all the time

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  • Sometimes for a treat

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Re: scraps

ceri said:

It's myself and hubby who get the scraps, I'm actually one of those "dotty" owners who buy Prawns for my cats, we just get the left overs. In my household the cats eat better than ourselves.
I know what you mean. My cat's diets are much better than mine. They don't eat fatty foods or smoke either....LOL!

Max is just too cool sitting at the table with his butt on the chair and his paws on the table-top. He looks like an hungry alien waiting for a plate. It's hard to resist so I give him some. I eat a lot of fish & chicken so it's all good to Max. He also loves full sized green beans. He strips the pod open and eats the peas. Ben's favourite human food is bread. Go figure.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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