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Even though Miu is only six months and I've been with her for four of those, she's taught me a couple of things.

That even though I thought I already cleaned up, the naked eye can't see everything! She inspects the place I clean and if not up to standard, she cleans right after me.

That I need to relax, calm down and enjoy life more. My dog is like me, always anxious and alert at anything, totally uptight. Miu is the total opposite. Very mellow, walks around slowly like there's not a care in the world, no need to rush to get things done. Seeing the contrast between them made me realize I'm living too much as a Type A personality. Rushing through life and being productive, but not truly enjoying it.

To be more mindful of time management. She reminds me to feed her. Rocky the dog also reminds me to feed her too.

Taught me how to live on catnaps. Ha ha. I can now take advantage of small naps during the day (when she herself is sleeping). Got used to sleeping on a dime and then waking up fast as well. So essentially, I sleep like a cat eye closed, but one eye open too..

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Smirkitty said:
The value of a good nap. Oh, and how to really has nothing on a really good cat-like, toes-to-tip-of-the-nose stretch.
Toes to tip of nose??? :yikes Really???? 8O
Pretty good! I don't think I could Ever do that, even when my body was ten times more flexible than today. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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That they aren't all those things people make them out to be. I grew up thinking cats were independent stinky hairy messes. But I've found that although some like their independence, not all of them do, and that the reason most stink, is d/t crappy owners, and they don't shed anymore than most dogs. But that diet affects the shedding drastically.

They've brought a companionship that I never dreamed imaginable.


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My cats taught me how to drive other people nuts :)

But seriously, I've been a cat person my whole life. They've been with me so long I can't entirely say what all they taught me.

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When I read Heidi post I thought what a wonderful thread. She
expressed it so beautifully! I started thinking cats haven’t taught
me anything. What they have done is produced a shift in my belief
system about how I viewed things. Which means they taught me!
I’m a bit obtuse! Of coarse they taught me lots of thing!

I know now that humans and animals know me better than I know
myself. When my youngest son brought me a gift (wrong thing to
do most of the time. Do not give an animal as a gift) of a very young
tuxedo kitten, little did I know this kitten would change my life. My
son warned me that day “ do not become one of those crazy cat
I didn’t listen and became one!

Mittens who changed my life. Screamin' Mimi snuggle up to
him. He uncled every kitten who was fostered in my home!

There is a quote from the book Angel Cats, Divine Messengers
of Comfort by Allen & Linda Anderson
a soul is a soul whether
it is inside an animal or human body…. I have learned that each
soul is a unique part of the essence of God.
I now believe
that. That belief translates to, We are all different and unique and
that is a good thing. Were all not supposed to do, believe, and live
the same way. Each person has a gift to give this world to make
a difference.

Believing that new idea it changed my belief system. I’ve now
become an environmentalist. Expanding my value of the earth,
its beauty, the worth of everything in it. It’s right to live in happiness
and peace. I know Im here to try to make a difference. To protect
animals so this can happen while they are on this earth. We
each deserve a wonderful quality of life. And to help preserve and
protect where they live.

Another big shift happened when I rescued 4 cats with serious
eye issues going on. Two had their sight restored by some serious
eye surgery by a generous vet specialist. Two had their eyes removed. The two
that are blind made a big impact on my view of quality of life and
how to get on with life when something bad happens to us.

The two now blind kitties were in such pain from an infection
in their genetically deformed eyes. The pervious owner who
rescued them couldn’t afford the surgery and fought the vet
who said they aren’t worth the effort, just put them down.
Translating these cats isn’t worth anything. They are worthless.
They’re defective not perfect.

Shirley before surgery with infected eyes. You could smell
the infection in her eyes. She was 3.6 lbs when I got her

Once my foster blind kitties had their eyes removed and infection
stopped they got on with life. Boldly and fearlessly jumping out
in to the unknown. They spend everyday happily exploring, playing,
running & climbing. They show incredible trust when we hold
them to do things they can’t see what were about to do to
them. Medicate, clip claws, carry them to a new location and
set them down (rule 1 never carry a blind kitty around.) They
are confident with strong boundaries. Not a foster in my house
can push them around. They are an inspiration.

Shirley afterwards! She is on top of the cat tree. No I didnt
put her up there. She got up there herself!

Showing me whatever the circumstance you find yourself in,
you can over come it and move forward. Just because a bad
things happened to you doesn’t mean you cannot be a trusting,
loving, happy, person excited about life! You are not the victim.
You are the victor!
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