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Tempted to get 3rd cat

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I must be crazy. we've only had Squeek and Lickorish (4 year old spayed females) for about 2 months now and Lickorish is still having adjustment issues. I heard about a 4 year old cat surrendered at a shelter by her previous adopted owner that is not fairing well there. I keep thinking I'd like to take her home too, but I'm afraid it would be chaos here. I just can't stop thinking about her. Hubbie probably wouldn't go for it anyway. I hope she gets a good home.
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It's so hard when a particular kitty speaks to your heart, but it just isn't the right time for them in your home. When I brought home Pedro I immediately began campaigning 2 close friends to take his brother AND I started campaigning my ex to take his Mommy. I was sooooo worried they would end up in homes that I wouldn't know where they were. It was really important to me to find proper homes for them where I would know they would be so spoiled just like Pedro was going to be spoiled.

Perhaps there is someone who you know would give this kitty just as good of a home as you? Maybe someone who doesn't even have a kitty yet and might be new to kitty world. If this kitty really is tugging at your heartstrings perhaps you could be her saviour by stepping up a hunt for a home for her beyond what the shelter might do. :)
Sorry, I am on my phone right now, but maybe see if you could find her a foster home or offer to be her sponsor. Put the word out on petfinder, Craigslist, or word of mouth. Put up posters, see if they will let you help get her out to adoption events. Contact a no kill organization and see if they could pull her from the shelter. :) good luck!
If Lickorish is still settling in, I wouldn't mess with things, but maybe you can "advertise" her on your Facebook page and get the word out for her.
My husband and I had 2 dogs and 2 cats. A feral cat had five kittens in our garage. We found homes for two of them, caught one and could not catch the fifth. L ooked for a home for the kitty. Of course as time went by, I was hoping we did not find a home...she was so...cute. Someone in my husbands office said she wanted her, but I said no. So. Now we have three cats and love it!!!! Good on your decision.
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