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My cat is on temaril for feline asthma. I was wondering if anyone else has a cat diagnosed with asthma and is on the same medication.
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I don't have an asthmatic cat or any animal who has ever taken Temaril for any reason. I do, however, have a current edition of Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook in which I just looked up this drug for you. The book doesn't list Temaril, but it does list Temaril-P. Is that what your cat is taking? If so, the drug is listed only for use in dogs in Plumb's reference. There is no reference for its use in cats at all. There are all sorts of potentially dangerous side effects, cautions, contraindications, and drug interactions associated with Temaril-P. Did your vet go over all of that with you? Is your cat taking any other medications or dietary supplements? Does your cat have any other medical issues that you know of other than asthma? Has recent bloodwork been run on your cat, and if so, were any blood values out of normal range?

Hi There
I have a cat with asthma, and we give him Theophylline 100mg twice aday and I also give him an inhaler treatment twice aday(flovent) Both don't have bad sideaffects
Yeah Laurie I am sure it is Temaril-P. I have done some research on the web and it does mostly come up with dog info. However I have crossed a few sites that say it is being tried in cats.

The vet did not really tell me anything other than how much and how often to give it to him. I already cut the dose in half because he was acting way too groggy. I was worried he was becoming dehydrated. At half the dose - which is half a 2 mg pill a day - he is doing fine. At least I can say he is not coughing. He is still less active but I sorta expected that because the vet said it is an antihistamine. He hasn't been on the medication long. This is the third month. So the vet hasn't wanted any bloodwork done as of yet.

Mouth - that is his name - does not take any other supplements or meds. He is a little over a year old, completely indoors.

I plan to take him in next month to get the vet to re-evaluate him. He has gained a few pounds which is a little concerning. The main reason I am concerned is that when I read the info on the drug it never really says it is a long term treatment thing. I don't see this being a medication he should be on forever.

Thanks for looking it up for me!
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