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Last week I adopted a couple of littermate kittens to keep my cat company, after her buddy died (huge hairball in his stomach and breathed in his own vomit while at the clinic). Well, one of the boys has been sick with a cold all week and today his blood work came back saying his white blood cell count is low. The vet recommended testing for viral infections, but I've been wondering, is there really any point?
* If he's infected, there isn't really anything to do.
* The tests are somewhat expensive
* Leukopenia can be caused by more benign viral infections, such as a cold (which he has).
* Even if he's infected, it could be years before he has any symptoms, if he ever has them.
* All my cats are exclusively indoor and they only interact with each other, so there's no chance of an infection spreading outside.

What do you think?
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