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I just wanted to post a personal note telling you how grateful I am for your advise. By reading what you wrote to others about digestive enzymes, slippery elm and acidphilus it encouraged me to try a nonconventional treatment. This is our first cat and didn't know a thing about how to treat this, so we were listening to the "experts".

Here is our history........
We bought a 9mth old cat and he developed diarrhea shortly after getting here and has persisted for 3 1/2 months straight. We tried changing food, month long deworming, antibiotics and he was scheduled to see a specialist 2 hrs away that wanted to do a intestinal biopsy(which I was against from the beginning). He had also been on steroids because they thought it was IBS. Because of you, I started looking at his treatment differently and what you suggested made a world more sense to me then what my(3) vets were telling me.

Well, I went out and bought the acidiphilus and started adding it to his food along with the Slippery Elm that he already was taking. It was almost instant!!! The very next day his stool was still loose, but it didn't stink nearly as bad. I just thought it was a fluke until about three days later when I seen some formed stool. Well, we are finally seeing some real turds!!! Thank you so much for helping us get better!!!
Our cat was described as zany before we got him and we are only now seeing that part of his personality. He was sick and now he is coming back thanks to you!!! It was such a simple thing that has changed his life and ours.


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