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It is my girls' FIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! We might have been through a tough first year with ear mites extremely bad when I first got them out of the animal shelter, colds and medicines, but they made it through and so did I!!! I'm so glad that they picked me out at the shelter! Unfortunately they won't get anything for their b-day since we are moving in a couple weeks, but when we are moved in, they will get a kitty condo!!! And since Maddie doesn't like wet food, they won't get any special food b/c I don't want her feeling left out! Anyway, here are some pics of the girls on their first b-day!
This first pic I love how their tails are on each others backs, looks kind of cute. This is obviously me taking a pic of them inside, unfortunately the screen made it pretty blurry looking.

I love this pic of Maddie sitting so tall and looking so cute!!! If you can't tell by the way Jazzy is looking, they were bird watching!

And last, just a cute shot of the both of them!
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