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Hi! I'm the ballerina and my temporary cat is named Buttercup.

Temporary, you ask? Well, sort of... temporarily extended... (what was supposed to only be 4 weeks has turned into going on 4 months). I'm watching my brother's cat for an extended-extended period of time. Buttercup is 12 (going on 3 or 4 apparently, according to the vet) so needless to say I lived with her for a few years while growing up, but I never imagined she'd be living with me at that point in my life lol.

I'm not exactly a cat lover, but I'm obviously attached to her and love her because I know my brother loves her - this is why I agreed to keeping her and care for her after a quite traumatic experience this spring. However, lately she's making that loving part quite complicated.

She's absolutely spoiled and I'm absolutely clueless on some of the things we're going through with her, so I've sought out you guys for some feedback and hopefully to find some others going through similar experiences (I pray I can't be the only one getting meowed to death :|).

I'm happy to be here and hopefully I'll get some answers to the basics about cat care that I still don't quite understand!

The Ballerina
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