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Hello, I'm Sam. I have two cats. Soren is about 14 months. I fostered him for a rescue last October and then I decided to keep him. I've fostered dozens of animals, but I knew that he was meant to stay with me lol. He has the coolest personality of any cat I've ever met. Although, he is a bratty teenager right now...
Ennis is about 6 months. This past June I heard a pathetic cry from under my porch. When treats and toys failed to lure out the source of the cries, I crawled under and fished out the cutest little 7 week old black and white fluff ball. He was emaciated, malnourished, and covered in fleas and cobwebs.
I'm a college student and I like on a sort of "party street" everyone else is a rowdy college house. It still amazes me that of all the porches on the street, Ennis picked mine. I hate to be corny, but I think he knew that I could help him.
That same week, I was driving down my street and I found the rest of his family. His 3 siblings were playing in the street and under parked cars and his momma was on someones porch. I didn't want them to get hit or worse so I caught them all one by one over the course of a few days. They all started out very scared and hissy, but they came around with food and some lovin. The mom turned out to be friendly, but it was the middle of kitten season so I wasn't able to find her a home. I did get her spayed though, and her ear tipped. She still lives down the street and I check up on her once in a while. Ennis's siblings found homes, but I had to keep him. He and Soren bonded very closely and are inseparable now.

I love these boys, but it hasn't been easy. Soren has feline herpes and takes a supplement. And I believe Ennis has Feline Urological Disease. He had a severe urinary tract infection at 5 months with struvite crystals. The vet bills were ridiculous! I've started feeding raw, because it looks like it should prevent crystal formation. I'm always open to suggestions though :)
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