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The break up is nearing

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Call me a wuss but its getting close for the family of 4 to be split up...almost feel bad since the 4 make a happy family and they will be still be very close to being a family since I will have 2 and the GF will have 2....who knows someday they might be bad they wont remember each other.
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cookie's cat had kittens and now they're old enough to go to a new home. Her friend is taking two, but I think they both like the same one the best. She is going to keep 2 herself, if I remember correctly. Good luck, cookie. We do get attached to all of them, don't we? Is mother spayed yet? I'm sure you know that would be best.
Ohhhh--Your friend isn't helping to pay? That doesn't seem fair, but at least you'll know it's done. Maybe she could give you a little bit of help, or a certain amount every month?
There you go! :wink:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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