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Just thinking out there, how many people use to not like cats but after having one could never live with out one?
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I guess I would be in this category. My father was a dog person and hated cats as they fished goldfish out of our garden pond. We had a kitten once and it pooped on the kitchen counter and my mom said, "get rid of it" and it was gone the next day, as he found another home for it. So I grew up with dogs and rabbits. It wasn't until I was grown up myself with 2 young kids that we had our first cat. Our neighbour found a paper bag of 4 kittens in a ditch near their house and we took one, a fluffy brown tabby girl our daughter named "Miss Moppet". Unfortunately Moppet got attacked by a tomcat and had to be put down due to her injuries. Then a year or so later, a silvery grey kitty with a stubby tail followed my children home one day. We couldn't find the owner, so "Max" stayed. He was more doglike than most cats I'd known and it sparked my interest into breeding Manx for many years. Since then I have not been without cats, nor could I imagine being without one, and altho I still like dogs find they are just too much to look after.
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