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The coolest cat I ever owned (or who owned me)...

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This is about my cat Mittens, who passed away in 2002 just shy of her 18th birthday.

Here's a picture of her at a few months old.

Mittens was found in the woods when she was only a few weeks old. She was dirty and starving and she had lost her voice. Up until this point we had only had birds, fish, bunnies, etc as pets. This would be our first cat....

Mittens feared nothing.

Not thunderstorms, not the vacuum (in fact, she liked it when we'd vacuum her), not even my dog-loving father. Those two were always at war. When we'd go on vacation (my father rarely came with), Kitty would leave presents by the back door for my father to step in. My father would wake up at 4:00am to get ready for work, and Mittens would go to the bathroom in the tub and cover it with a facecloth. She would go in his shoes. My father likes to go fly fishing....he ties his own flies too which means he had barrels of fur and feathers and such to use to tie them. Mittens liked to use these barrels as her bathroom as well.

She wasn't the most cuddly cat...

Nor the most pleasant...

In fact, very few people liked her and she liked very few people. (I was one of the lucky ones she actually liked! Go me!)

I once had a friend over, a cat lover, who thought it was a good idea to pick Mittens up. Mittens didn't think so and let her know with a quick slash of the claws. Another friend tried it as well and Mittens went to the bathroom on her. *tee hee*

Mittens was an indoor cat for the first 4 years of her life...but that didn't stop her from getting out. And any time the door opened, she made a mad dash for it. But she always came back and never went into the road. Heck, the only time she left the yard was to go to the bathroom in our neighbor's garden. So soon we started letting her out.

We'd often hear her fighting with neighborhood cats, but she never came home with even a scracth.

If a neighborhood dog got loose and came into our yard, she'd chase them off.

At one time we had a very angry bird living in our yard that would divebomb us and my dog, and even Mittens! But did Mittens care? Of course not! The bird would swoop right past Mitten's head and she wouldn't even flinch....nor would she try to attack it!

Catching her own food was beneathe Mittens!

I had gerbils at one time and they had a habit of breaking out of their cage. My one cat TC was afraid of them. My dog would alert us to the gerbil's presence in the house and Mittens...well, Mittens just walked right past them with her nose in the air.

Mittens liked her food and treats in a dish...if you put food or treats for her on the floor, you'd only have to clean it up. And if she wanted your food (i.e. pasta was her favorite)...if you didn't want her getting into it or purposely tipping your plate, we'd have to lock her up.

One morning I awoke to find Mitten's face swollen....but did she care?! Heck no...she still went about her everyday business. I ended up having to get one of her teeth pulled...that didn't seem to faze her either.

When she was fifteen years old, she had become a bit hard of hearing. We let her out of the house and I walked out ot my car, last I saw her she was sunbathing on the porch. As I pulled out of the driveway I drove over what felt like a stick, but then saw Mittens run out from under my car, draggin her back leg! I ran in the house to alert my mother and then we grabbed Mittens from under the porch. I panicked, I cried, I held her in my arms...and all Mittens wanted was for me to put her down so she could walk around draggin her leg. I took her to the vet, she had a fractured hip. :( I spent the next month caring for her.

Here are two pictures during that time.

After a month she was back to her old self. And for the next 2 1/2 years she was ignoring kamikaze birds, beating up neighborhood cats, chasing off neighborhood dogs, getting revenge on my father, sitting outside in the middle of a thunderstorm, getting vacuumed, and showing people why it isn't wise to mess with her.

She was the coolest cat I ever had.
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