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Hello! My (user)name is ThatCatThough... Call me whatever you want.

I have two Maine Coons; Chancey is the older one. She is turning 5 in November! :) This silky girl is my (new) cuddle bug... About a week ago she decided I was her favorite person and started sleeping with me... New development. She's more long and lanky, with a finer bone structure and long, soft fur. Her (Silver Tabby, if I didn't mention that) tail curls up over her back, and she has lovely yellow-green eyes.

The other one, Pong, is our Brown Tabby boy. He was a big baby when we got him, but now that he's 4 1/2 he's gotten more standoffish and scaredy. This boy is the bigger one, with a heavyset bone structure and a massive tail that drags along the ground (unless, of course, it's feeding time, in which it is straight up and down!)

I'll post pictures later. :)
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