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Okay, this cabin fever thing has me searching for a variety of things to keep me busy when I can't be out and about.

For Christmas I got a few optical illusion-type coloring books (which I LOVE, BTW), I'm currently working on 2 different puzzles at the same time (one is a map of the US created by state license plates, the other a collague of cats), and I have just run across another type of puzzle book that looks so pleasing to my eye - The Ultimate Dot-To-Dot series. This link I found is through Barnes & Noble but I found out Target sells the same books for a bit cheaper so since we finally got new snowtires on the vehicle yesterday we're heading up to Target to do some shopping tonight - YAY! I must be a complete geek! I love obscure puzzles like this. It's so relaxing when the kids are in bed to just sit back and listen to the TV (I listen while Ken watches all the crime-themed shows that he likes :roll: ) while working on a puzzle, be it in a book or a jigsaw. ... d+Kalvitis

I got a little magazine in the mail this weekend that sells a few puzzles and I'm going to order a circle-shaped puzzle with M&M's all over; sounds chaotic yet fun! I'm also getting a 1000-piece puzzle with nothing but jellybeans on it.

Lord, I need to get a life - SERIOUSLY! :lol:
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