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Hey all! I've been ultra busy for the past two or three months, but things seem to be winding down, and I've been able to come back and post here at least daily, so I thought I'd (once again) begin sharing the latest cute things done by my resident kitties, Drizzle and Boo!


First off, let me update you all on the status of the Kittie/Grammy - lol - relationship. My Mom, when we first got Boo and Drizzle, was very much a non-cat person. She claimed alergies, fears, bad experiences, and the like. She didn't even want to be in the same house as a cat, let alone pet or play with one. Well last thing I was telling everyone about was how she was finally starting to come around, after allowing them into her bedroom despite saying she never would. Well now, she's addicted! Boo has taken to sleeping with her in her bed, and she gets quite upset when Boo isn't there. :) Drizzle usually sleeps on the computer chair outside my Mom's room to "guard her" and Mom will often wake up two or three times during the night to check on and pet the little guy. She's taken to the title of "Grammy" full on now, and spends a significant amount of time fawning over "her" kittens. :D :eek: She admits to missing them while at work, and to enjoying life/living with kittens more than she enjoyed life/living without kittens! She buys them treats, and toys, and feeds them - she's become the primary person in charge of mincing "people food" that the kittens crave at dinner! :p She's still got the claw fear, hesitant to pick them up for fear of being scratched, but she's gotten beyond most everything else. Drizzle will sometimes nip at her when she's petting him in the mornings, something he does when he wants to play. At first she'd get all freaked and alarmed, then she simply began saying "No bite" when he did this, and now he's all but stopped and even if he does so, she just says "no bite" and continues to pet. :lol:

Oh, and her "allergies"? :lol: :lol: :lol: I love it when I'm right! They where all psycho-sematic! She's not coughed, wheezed, hacked, sneezed, itched -- nothing -- in weeks/months.

Ok, on to the cuteness...

When we where are my sisters house, we trained Drizzle to sleep in a clothes basket to the right of the computer chair, with his favorite blanket, so he wouldn't sleep in a draft (in that drafty old house). Since moving home, they've both lost interest in the basket. However, something began occuring frequently about a month ago. I have an upside down "L" shaped desk. The main length of the desk in front of me, and the "arm" outward to my right. My right arm and mouse typically go here. Well, Drizzle began jumping up here and stealing the space where my arm went to use the mouse! So I finally deduced after a few days that he wanted to sleep on my right side once more! I quickly moved my CD-ROM's and DSL modem off to the floor and put his favorite blankey down on half of this section. Now, he sleeps here at least once a day, sometimes for up to 8 hours straight if I'm anchored to the computer with him. It works out well, as he's with me more often and I've still got my computer space and easily accessible kitten snuggling. :D I also found out yesterday, Boo has taken to it as well! Though not while I'm using the computer. I found her sleeping there yesterday afternoon, and again early this morning! :wink:

Boo's favorite place to sleep has become Grammy's bed, lol. Likewise, my foot stool/autimen in the family room, which is just about the size of a kitty bed. LOL. She's also begun doing the silly thing of giving us a plethora of hugs when we give her treaties, neglecting eating them in favor of thanking us. :lol: Likewise, she's become more attached to Grammy and less to my sister - who is out far too often and not home nearly enough of the time. Boo still prefers to hide out most of the day, despite my attempts to lure her out. Treaties, food, mousies, play time, nothing seems to interest her as much as hiding and sleeping. It makes me a bit sad, and I worry about her a lot, because I want her to feel as loved as Drizzle, as she surely is. It's very difficult though to give her the same attention when she hides out, though I do try. I think she knows though she's loved, and simply prefers to play hard to get. :wink:

They've both become more finicky with what they eat. Only certain packs of the wet food interest them anymore, and they've narrowed down their tastes in treats to Whiska's Crunch and any Temptation's brand treat. Not much else seems to interest them though.

Drizzle has a new favorite "people food" - Flounder! Once and a while we'll get fresh flounder and he'll simply go bonkers for some! In fact, his Birthday is March 15th, and we're getting him his *own peice* of fish! He'll have fish left overs for three whole days, the little rascal! :p Tells you how much we love our kittens, doesn't it - that we buy expensive fresh flounder just for them! lol.

Boo seems partial to shrimp (wet food packs or real) and chicken (only real) anymore. I think she's even figured out how to turn on the sinks in this house - nobs instead of handles like at the old house. Little minx! :lol: She's also quite fond of "Brusha-brusha" lol. IE: getting brushed. She just loves it! Drizzle enjoys it, but no where near as much as Boo.

Well that's all the latesy on Drizzle and Boo! :D

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The latest on Drizzle and Boo

Thanks for your news.
Its fantastic how your Mum loves them, now. It's often the way, isn't it - they are so hard to resist :)
I think a bit of caution about claws isn't a bad thing. She doesn't need to pick the kitties up, as she's having fun with them in so many other ways.
You sound like such a happy family :)

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