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Well, the weather today was less-than-inspiring. Wet, cold, slushy...

It was one of those days that just casts a chill in the air; all you want to do is stay in your pj's and drink a nice big mug of cocoa. My brother (who's homeschooled), decided to do just that, and did his work in front of the heater. Until a little someone decided to join him :p:

*brrrr* It was chilly....later, Miko picked a choice spot on his jacket in front of the heater:

Steph lounged in my loft bed, figuring out -I suppose- that heat rises:

Scully, too, hung out on top of my closet:

Later on I put together our shopping list. Having nothing better to do on this rainy day, the girls decided to help :D

"Does this mean you're going to feed us?"

Miko checked out the kitchen (you know, to make sure everything was ok ;))

"Looks good up here."

"Yup....tastes alright."

"I didn't knock it over, I swear..."

Meanwhile, Stephanie tested the tensile strength of our apron strings...

"Everything checks out fine, I think these are safe to play with -I mean- use."

Ever the helper, Miko also inspected the fridge:

"hmmm....looks a little bare, you may need more meat..."

"Do I smell....leftovers!?"

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