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Thinking about third cat, but have concerns

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We adopted Squeek and Lickorish (5 yo spayed females) 4 months ago, and now they've settled in pretty well (after some problems with Lickorish). We've toyed around with the idea of a third cat, but are also worried about it upsetting the dynamics with Squeek and Lickorish, esp as we've worked so hard to get Lickorish to where she is now. They've been together since they were kittens, and Lickorish is very dependent on Squeek, although I think sometimes Squeek would prefer to be an only kitty, but mostly b/c Lickorish can annoy her too much.

I've seen some recently who are really in need of a home. One 5 yo neutered boy who is nearby had an elderly human companion who passed away, and only has a few days before they have to send him to a shelter. But I have no idea how he would be with other cats....

I guess the question is, how do we know we're all ready for a third kitty and what kind of kitty do we look for that will fit in best with the 2 of them?
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I got my third cat when she decided to come into my home and stay. So I'll never know if I was ready for a third cat or not. I was certainly not planning on it. Maybe you could give the orphan a try and then send him to the shelter if it doesn't work out?
I think it might be a little soon. If Likorish is just now settling down, a third cat might set her back. And Squeek doesn't sound like she needs another cat in the house.
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