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Hi all,

Chloe had an op last week to remove pus following a bite from our other cats. She is due to have her stitches removed in 7 days, and she had the tubes that were in to let the pus out removed today. The vet told us when we took her in that CHloe had taken 3 of the stitches out- I had no idea she had! We tried the cone again, but she is strong and is NOT having it. I am at a loss- bandaging probably isn't good if I want the wound to breathe.

I did consider putting something unpleasant tasting, such as lemon juice, around but not on the wound, but right now there are holes where the tubes were. I am concerned that they are just open holes, and am surprised that the vet would leave them like that. They do look pus-y and one of them has a little yellow discharge which makes me think maybe there is a secondary infection. No idea what to do tonight...any ideas? I read about putting a small t-shirt on, but she is tiny and the wound is on her rear leg, so would get soiled when she went to the bathroom.

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