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Tip: Finding a Raw-Friendly Vet

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Hey everyone! I just got a recommendation for a raw-friendly vet, and I wanted to share how I found him.

I began by Googling "holistic vet" + my city/zip, but I didn't get very good results. Then I went to Yelp and searched for "raw pet food" + my city/zip.

I ended up coming across a pet store that sells a large variety of raw foods for cats. I called and asked the salesperson if he can recommend a vet who supports a raw diet, and he recommended someone for me!

It's really important to me that I find a vet who supports the diet and doesn't push a certain food... *cough* Hill'sScienceDiet *cough*.

So if anyone is struggling to find a supportive vet, try asking a store that sells raw food. Even though I mentioned that I'm not interested in buying the premade raw, the salesperson was still happy to talk to me about feeding my kitty raw.

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I would be careful about reading customer reviews. Despite the site may claim being honest, some people are PAID to just say "oh sure, this (whatever) is great!" and haven't really tried (whatever). I know, because I write articles for income, and have had many clients request this... but I won't do it, cuz I don't believe in dishonesty.


My new vet, who I absolutely LOVE had this to say:
Me: "How do you feel about raw meat diet for my kitties?"
Dr. Ellis: "Hrm...I've heard of raw meat diet for dogs, but not for cats before. I guess if you can do it properly, it would be alright."
YAY! She wasn't opposed to it, unless it wasn't done right...which I totally understand.

The vet I go to was recommended by the director of the rescue group I volunteer for. The vet was actually recommended because she's VERY good at diagnosing mystery illnesses. After 10 years of poor Paizly suffering from bladder and stomach issues (and of course being prescribed Hills junk), I took her to this vet and said I was ready to euthanize because I just didn't want Paizly to suffer anymore. The vet did a full exam, and explained what was wrong... and it made perfect sense! No more of "well, she needs Hills", or "I guess you can try this" or "maybe this will work" and other 'groping in the dark' responses.
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I really like my current vet, but she does recommend Science Diet. It may be in my cat's best interests for me to find a vet that is more in line with our holistic philosophies.

Searching for holistic vets in my area doesn't come up with anything good, BUT I do know a couple of shops that sell some raw food and grain-free canned foods, I never thought to ask them for a recommendation... maybe I will. Thanks for sharing.
Our vet practice doesn't advocate raw per se, but if you do it right, they are not opposed either. When I first revealed we had gone to the raw side ;) , I was thoroughly questioned on what exactly I was feeding, how many times a day, etc. I suppose their minds were at ease once they got through with me, and they stopped questioning me every time I went in.

After a year or so or an almost full rotation of cats, once they saw how well the cats were doing dentally as well as physically, they began asking in a more positive tone; so what are you feeding them, they look great?

Egypt, who is the oldest (4.5 yrs old), and came to me with 2 broken canines at the age of 2, eats bone (although I do monitor the density since it takes her longer to eat them), and has no tartar although I can never get myself to admit that her breath smells "fresh", but definitely not "rank", which is the word I would've used before we made the switch. Her coat is amazingly soft, luxurious, and shiny for a mutt cat. She's come a long way since her days on the street!
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