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Take her temperature and see if she has developed an infection from the spaying. If you aren't comfortable taking her temp, take her back to your vet ASAP to have her checked. It sounds like something is physically wrong that is causing her inappetance. The vet can also prescribe an appetite stimulant like cyproheptadine or mirtazapine.

Your cat MUST eat adequately, or she could develop potentially lethal hepatic lipidosis. If she won't eat enough on her own, and you can't tempt her to eat adequately by hand, you're going to need to syringe feed her. It is problematic that you are gone for more than 12 hrs during the day under these circumstances. Perhaps you could hire a cat-savvy petsitter to visit a couple of times during the day and assist feed her, as necessary. You could also get up an hour or so earlier than usual so that you'd have time to feed her once or twice before going to work.

You should get your girl back to the vet right away, though, for a recheck.

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