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Toby Never lays on furniture

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curious if any of you have seen this.

Toby , 11 months, never lays or sleep on furniture. I've got all leather in the house. He will very occasionally lay on the bed in the second bedroom. He MAY nestle on me for a while, but that's it. - on his own he just has no interest in my soft, cozy chairs or couch

He'll lay and sleeo on the hard floor or carpeting. I'm pretty sure it's not heat/cool thing. Maybe he doesn't like the soft, non supportive feeling?

Have you seen this?
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Nebbie doesn't lay on furniture either. She doesn't use cat beds, either. I set one up just for her by the desk (she likes to be ON the desk, and in my way!), and had to put her in there myself a couple times. Yesterday she finally got the hint and slept in it for a couple hours. Today she slept in it for a bit...then puked all over it. So now of course I have to wash it and hope that she knows it's still hers after her scent is gone!

Do you have a bed for him that's enclosed? Paizly likes her "snuggle box" I made for her. I should post pictures... but basically it's an 18 gallon plastic storage bin with a hole cut in the side and a blanket put in it. You can use 10 gallon ones for smaller cats. Easy to clean - take the blanket out to wash it, and the plastic box can be wiped down with whatever cleaner you use (I use plain ol'e vinager)
He likes his open top carrier which is just a rectangular milk crate, so it's basically open on all sides and is in my room. He often lays there at night. He also likes to sleep in a bedroom on the other side of the house than mine, so I'm thinking he likes his alone time, but it's always on the floor against a wall. Nothing high up though, he seems just as happy at floor level - odd for a Bengal.
Had to resize it, but here it is. This is at the cat shelter I volunteer at. The "snuggle boxes" are in the top-middle of the picture. Some cats like the ones on the floor, others like the ones on top (and of course they have to jump in there...not good for older or disabled kitties)

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vivid dawn, your rescue has some really good looking cats! I enjoyed the photo.
The date is wrong (especially the year!). That was before last March, because some of those cats went to the Rainbow Bridge from a bad outbreak of calicivirus.

We still have Gracie, the fluffy gray cat. The bigger Tortie at the very left edge got adopted a few months ago :)

Anyhoo, so as not to hijack the thread...
Does Toby have a cat tower, like the carpet ones in the picture? Some cats like those to hide in too, rather than plastic boxes. You could get a little one with the den on the floor, rather than raised up, and see if he likes to sleep in that.
Squealer Cat loved to sleep on plastic; any type of plastic. He would only lie on furniture if he was half in my lap and half on the chair for his tummy rubs. Vincent Cat loved to lie on the fireplace hearth almost tight up against the spark screen. He would bake himself till he was quite hot to the touch and then get up and turn around to bake the other side.
Murphy is the same way -- he's much more inclined to lie on something hard than soft. I've brouight home at least 5-6 cat beds that he shunned, each time thinking that this one will be different. The definition of insanity . . .

Anyway, I've had a couple of real winners lately for cat beds. The first is a box that my sister made him (below), covered in a layer of wool and then a layer of fabric. He loves it. Second is a small suitcase that I was ready to retire. I just opened it and put a beach towel in the bottom, and he absolutely loves it. In trying to analyze this (what, me???), I think it's about feeling enclosed but also being able to easily see over the sides.

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My Bella has a thing for cardboard boxes. She just loves when I shop at Amazon. It means a fresh supply of boxes for her. I'm always amazed at how she finds them so comfortable. Even the tiny ones where she spills out of it is a favorite. Bonus for her is she gets to scratch the box as well and sharpen/clean her claws. When the box gets too ripped up, we throw it away and give her another.

Neither of my cats love sleeping on most of the furniture. They have a few pieces they go back to, but favorite perches are usually window sills, cat tree and ledges. Cricket adores sleeping on top of the stereo.

I'm guessing it is like sleeping in a tree in the wild for them. They get a hard high perch to observe the world in but keep from being bothered.

Neither cat likes a cat bed. It's too cushiony and warm for them. They are wearing heavy fur coats already. In fact, the hotter it gets the more likely they are to sleep on hard surfaces.
no, my cats sleep anywhere and everywhere, including under a stack of pillows so that when i got in bed there was a squeak. good thing i didn't just flop down. my cats like boxes, sort of. but not like maru:

This is what I mean. An entire house, 2 beds, leather couches, carpeting... and this is what he likes???

The only thing I can think of is that *maybe* he's waiting for my printer to go on so he wants to be close. (he loves the noise and trying to figure out what's going on when paper spits out) but I only print something about once a week

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Teddybear is the only one of my cat's that has always liked to sleep up o the sofa but ONLY on his fluffy cushion's if the cushion's arent there (which they always are) he will not lay on the sofa

Meeca & Tulah would lay up o the sofa when they were babie's & only recently now 3 years old they have started to lay on the sofa sometime's, Meeca is very indepedent & is still very rare for her to get up on the sofa

Elfie will lay on the end of the sofa & sometimes if I am really lucky he will lay up with me on Teddybears cushions

sounds like your lil guy is an idependent kitty :)
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