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Top 10 Indications That Cats Are
The Evolutionary Descendants of Dragons

10. Ability to invoke fear with minor changes of position/facial _expression.
9. Really wicked breath.
8. Enjoy toying with mortals.
7. They are constantly offered gifts in order to appease their wrath.
6. Ability to gain total control over the humans in its territory.
5. Claws that can decimate the toughest armor (and upholstery).
4. Affinity for high perches from which it can survey all that it controls.
3. The size of its ego is consistent with that of its evolutionary forebears.
2. Habit of playing with food.

... and the Number 1 Indication That Cats
Are The Evolutionary Descendants of Dragons...

1. Ability to monitor its territory while seemingly asleep.

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awww that is awsome! and yes that last one is the main reason... "hey! i HEARD you open the pounce treat bag! yes, you did! dont lie!" :D
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