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We are one leg short. We are transporting one of the puppies somebody dumped in my yard to KY. The trip is scheduled for next week. Once I get the dates I will post them. We are starting on June 19th.

Leg 1: (me) Robersonville, NC to Raleigh, NC (June 19th)

Leg 2: (KileyEmmie) Raleigh, NC to Semora, NC

Leg 3: (brookcove) Semora, NC to Roanoke, VA

Leg 4: (whtsthfrequency) Roanoke, VA to Charleston, WV

Leg 5: (???) Charleston, WV to Lexington,KY (or somewhere close)

Leg 6: ( RidgebackGermansShep) and from Lexington,KY to Hodgenville, KY

Her name is Piper
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