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Tried raw... the results are in for Otis

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Last night I noticed Otis was acting hungry, yet her dish was full. She had access to Whiskas canned food and Purina kitten chow. Well, she is a smart cat and she turned her nose up to it. I offered her a bite of my mom's chicken marsala and she gulped it down.

I plan to try her on frozen/thawed mice as soon as I get to the bank and go grocery shopping (busy with work and holiday). But on a whim I thawed out a rabbit heart and liver I had in the freezer. I sliced it and offered it to her on a plate. She sniffed it and walked away, only to turn on her heel and go back to it. She seemed to be confused. She wanted to eat it but couldn't. So I did what someone on here said and added a little bit of kitten crack aka tuna juice. Just enough to sweeten the deal.

Instant success. She ate it all, then went back looking for seconds. I feel good about trying whole prey out. Yay!
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Remember if you do do(heh I said doo doo) whole prey that variety is key. Just mouse diet is no better for Otis than any other unbalanced diet. Toss in some other mammals and lizards and birds. Bugs can be a fun treat too. :) all(or most) of these things can be ordered online at a fraction of the cost(and safer) than the ones at petcosmart. :)

I am starting whole prey, too. Good luck, I look forward to hearing how she takes to it!
Oh yes. I intend to offer a variety. But I am starting small. Baby steps. If she handles a mouse ok, we will try something else. When I started my dogs on raw I started one protien source at a time.

I am trying to find cheap sources as I am poor. Financially, not spiritually :)

Anyone in western pa know of local places to get chicks and whatnot?

This raw diet will surely be a journey I would love to share with like minded individuals. I tell friends and family and they have decided it is gross and I am crazy. Shows what they know!

Also, I intend to still feed kibble (like, at night or when raw is not convenient). I have to changer her kibble as it is crap and she is letting me know.

I look forward to all of your raw feeding posts as well and maybe this is weird but I would like pictures!
Have you looked at Or similar sites. I hear they have sales often, and it can really make stocking up worthwhile.

I would highly suggest cutting the kibble out 100% though. We had some kibble around "for emergencies" and it gave everyone the WORST runs after being on raw for a while. We can do high quality canned though, if necessary, without the explosive runs.

Edit: I don't believe we are allowed to post whole prey feeding pictures as it may offend people who do not feed whole prey/raw.
Lol not weird at all. PA is decently into chicken farming if I am not mistaken. Maybe talk to a local farmer about buying 50 or so day old chicks once a month. That's what I am going to do. I just picked up seven mice yesterday to add to my existing one. That way I can be even more controlling and sure of what goes into my kitty food. I have a pair of gerbils too, but I'm not sure they are going to breed for me. The next house I move to with a yard I'll be raising meat rabbits and maybe even guinea pigs. The chicks I'm going to find a local farmer for, or see if my aunt can mail me some frozen day old ones. She has a farm with free range chickens and other critters. I started tucker(the 11 week old) on pinkie mice and he took to that REAL well, let's hope he is as good with furred critters.
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