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So I have been making my own cat food for about 6 months now and my cat is still alive and healthy so I mustn't be doing too much wrong but I am still not really convinced I have the bone to meat ratio correct.

I follow Dr Piersons cat food recipe however I have to use turkey instead of rabbit as I can't get any in town and she doesn't really have a weight description of how to figure out how much bone to keep.

So far for the chicken I have been removing 25% of the bone of a maryland and grinding the rest up in with the meat.

I can't do the same for the turkey bones however as a) there is more meat on the shanks vs the chicken and b) my grinder sounds like it is trying to summon Cthulhu if I put a turkey bone through it.

The best measurement I came up with was to get four chicken marylands and debone them all and remove 25% (as Dr Pierson suggests) and then measure the bone v meat ratio. It equaled out to be bone being roughly 1/4 of the weight of the meat so so far I have just been measuring the turkey meat and then adding a 1/4 of its weight in bone.

I just don't feel like it is enough though.

So if anyone has a bit better of a formula for working out the meat vs bone ratio I would REALLY appreciate it.
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