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I have been torturing myself for sometime, wanting to get another animals. But I had two cats already, Badness and Scrappy. I was thinking maybe a dog or a bunny. Bunnies are just a cute a kitties! But, fate led me to an adopt-a-thon at Petsmart last Saturday. There I met the world's cutest kitten. I actually walked away from him, deciding not to take him. But he stayed on my mind for the next two days. On Monday I called his foster mum to see if he had been adopted and as fate would have it, he hadn't been adopted. So I figured "what the hey!" and I adopted the little guy.

He is a 10 week old mackeral tabby. Beautiful little boy and just as sweet as he can be. His sisters, Badness and Scrappy, don't think he is very sweet but they will eventually.

Here are some pics of the little guy taken with my webcam. Currently, the little guy, Tucker, is staying in my office. Unfortuntely, I was the background for many of the pics. I tried to cut as much of myself out of them as I could.

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