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This might fall under "you had to be there" but it cracked us up.

We had finished eating and were all kicked back in the living room watching the game. I hadn't put anything away though and was putting it off as long as possible (I had to practically be rolled to the couch). MOw was spread across SO's lap as usual and I saw him get up and go in the kitchen. He tends to steal stuff off the counter and he's allergic to chicken so I wanted to intercept him from tasting the turkey.

When I walked in I had to crack up. He had jumped up on the counter and was staring at the turkey in such a way I think he heard angels singing in his head. SO came in at my laugh and Mow stood for the longest time just staring at that **** turkey. He looked like it was a gift from heaven delivered right to him. When SO carried him off to his eating chair (we figured he deserved an extra meal, it's Thanksgiving after all) he was reaching his paws to the turkey and mewling. It's all cleaned up and he keeps jumping up there and sniffing the counter intently.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday (If you celebrate it).
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