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I just got home and Addison followed me into the living room where I got on the computer and he laid by my feet. Shortly after, my mom came home and the dog got all excited and started running around. Addison got scared and tried to run away, so I picked him up and put him on my lap. Now usually, this would last about a minute before he ran away, but after a little bit of petting he laid right down in my lap!! He never stays in my lap at all, so this was a big surprise! I would have taken a picture (or had my mom do it anyway) but my brother's camera was nowhere to be found!

A few minutes later, he finally did jump down (I was glad because I wanted to get back to the computer and would have scared him off anyway) and instead of jumping away from the dog, he jumped right over her and laid down next to her! Not even a foot in between them. He happily laid there while she sniffed him. Again, another PERFECT picture gone because of a lack of camera! :x

Luckily, my new camera will arrive tomorrow and I can take all the pictures I want to! Now if only I can get him to pose like that again...

I know how you feel. I loaned my camera to my sister and haven't gotten it back yet. I've missed so many kodak moments!
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