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Hi all

I'm Maeve and I have two kitties currently. One is a shelter rescue DSH (Mr Hex) and the other an F5C Savannah (Shekinah)

I've lived with several cats, including a number of real ferals who tamed and became lovely pets. All my cats have been indoor kitties.

Indoor, when they don't find a way out, and Mr Hex is nicknamed Houdini. Other outings may occur for fun. Both enjoy riding in shopping carts and even a pet stroller, though Shekinah likes to hop out and run alongside on leash.

After introducing Mr H to raw as a kitten, I fairly soon tired of frankenprey hassles and - after successful intro to a pinky mouse - started moving him into more and more whole prey.

By the time Shekinah came to join him as a kitten herself, she had already had some raw in her birth home, and I moved her along from bits of raw to whole prey. Both cats are fully whole prey fed (which doesn't mean they never get any bites of anything else as a treat, just that this is their primary diet.)

I have been looking around for folks doing whole prey and noticed some threads on this forum. I would love to exchange info and experiences about whole prey, especially, but also about behavioral enrichment, training, etc.

Aw, heck, I just like to talk about cats. I'm a crazy cat lady that way :kittyball:kittyball:

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