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for eating lots- kittens can be gready, without seperating your 2 cats while they eat/where you keep the food there is no way i can think of to stop him eating other food.

Stinky poopy, well thats down to his food, iams=stinky poopy. When i had kittens i noticed thier litter trays were disgustingly stinky, clean litter every day, but when i had a kitten a while back i didnt have this problem. From reading on here people said about iams, and its ingredients making poopy stinky, so i changed foods, and taa-daa no more super stiny litter tray. And this refelcted on my cats too, because they didnt have a stinky-ness about them anymore either.

As to do you think you cat is spraying, is the smell kinda sweet? i think thats the best way to describe it. But also i noticed sometimes when i came home from work and the litter trays were bad the smell of pee was kinda the same as spray, sweet-ish. is he peeing anywhere else in the house? this could be it. But also with his age i think (not 100% certain) it is around the age he could start spraying. I may be wrong here, im sure there will be lots of other posts.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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