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Types of Cats??

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I hear alot of people saying my Tom cat this or my snow shoe do you tell what kinda cat you own? lol probably a stupid question. Ours were given to us so Im so sure how to tell.
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car fan? not sure I understand but if you asking if I like cars then very much so. I build cars for a hobby and sell audio/video/ and performance parts as well. One of our cats is all black with a white patch under his chin (his names lucky) and out female cat looking kinda like a tiger. She has black stripes that run down her on both sides and she is like a darker brown in between although she is starting to turn a bit orange in some spots (her name is Lexi). Lucky also has alot of random one or two white hairs speratically placed on him. They are of the same litter.
I can if someone can help me or tell me how to get pics from me computer on to the net.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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