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I'm a bit bored tonight, so I figured I would enquire about something that has been happening for a while and I haven't been able to explain.

First a little background about the two cats involved:

We got Tudy in the summer of 2002 while he was still a kitten. About 3 months later we got Gremlin. He was a stray and we figured he was probably 1 month younger than Tudy. Initially there was a little resentment between the two, but within a month they became friends. From that point they got along great, played together, sometimes cleaned each other, slept on the couch together. Both cats liked to go outside and usually didn't stay out too long. Staying out overnight happened every now and then, but was rare.

Then once spring of 03 came around, Gremlin started going out more and staying out longer. We figured he was mating, as he often came home needing a bath for reasons I'm sure you guys will understand without me stating. From that point he started howling whenever he wanted to go out and was very persistant, not stopping until he got outside. And then he starting staying out long, first it was a couple days, then four, then a week or more. At one point in summer we did not see him for well over a month. And then slowly he started coming home more often and staying longer as it neared fall.

Well, at some point in the middle off all this, the two cats became enemies. It started one night when Gremlin came home and went to eat. Tudy sniffed him and Gremlin growled, then Tudy attacked him. And it became a regular occurance. 95% of the time Tudy was the one to start it. It happens in no particular pattern, they can be fine for weeks and then they will go at it for 3 days straight. Some of the attacks happen even when the other cat is sleeping.

The thing that is sort of boggling about this is that their actions are sort of a flip flop from their norm. Tudy is really affectionate and does not seem to get moody with anyone in the house. He has never spit or growled at, bit, or scratched anyone. Gremlin seems to get grouchy and has hissed and scratched from time to time (but not lots). He doesn't like to be held and he rarely purrs. He also seems to dislike being petted most of the time.

Since it is probably related in some way, I should mention that this winter Tudy started marking inside the house at an alarming rate (numerous spots each day). We had him neutered over a month ago. Thankfully it has slowed significantly (maybe once every week to week and a half).

So if anybody could shed some light on this, I would appreciate it.
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