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Update on Apollo & a dumb question about eating toys.

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So, yeah. Apollo. What else is there to say about him other than he's a pain in the butt. I love him to death but he drives me craaaaazy.

Since I switched him to 100% canned, he's been doing fantastic! He had a small bout with diarrhea a few days ago, but that was cause from a mishap with his food. It was completely my fault; I made a mental note to do 50/50 when switching to a different brand of canned, but I wasn't paying attention and I was in a huge rush. So! Evo gave him diarrhea for a day. The only flavor they have is venison.. He wasn't too fond of it to begin with, but he still ate it. He doesn't care for Innova either. He's currently only eating Wellness / Wellness Core Turkey/Chicken/Liver flavors, with a little bit of the fish flavors once a week. I hate feeding him the same flavors every day, there's only 3 that he'll tolerate, all being Wellness brands. There's only been one store that I've found that carries good quality canned food here. Well, there's 3 locally, but each carries a *very* limited amount of each. I'd hate to ask a store to order different brands/types and then Apollo not be able to eat them.

He's done with his medicine finally, and he's still peeing gallons. I didn't ask the vet because I didn't think about it, but how long should that last in his system? First, we were going through insane amounts of litter because of his diarrhea, and now we're going through an insane amount of litter due to him flooding out parts of his litterbox, lol. Other than that, he's pooping a very small amount once a day. Not smelly at all anymore.

And my big, dumb question : I know cats love feathers. I know cats love their toys. Apollo especially loves feather tailed mice, which are $1.99 a piece, which he eats within a day of having a new one. I always supervise him heavily while he's playing with his favorite toys - he's always had a tendency to chew them to pieces and he tries to eat what's left. Well... I gave him his last Christmas mousey, and within 5 minutes he'd eaten the feathers right off it. Then he managed to eat part of the fur/skin stuff. There were deep bite marks in the plastic, and the little seeds or whatever's inside started spilling out. How bad can that get? He's eaten little pieces of feathers and stuffing out of his toys before, but never so much at once. Is this something I need to be incredibly careful about, or should I just not worry?
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